Aggravated Sexual Assault in Texas

For more information visit http://www.texassexualassaultattorney… The most important difference between aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault is the severity of the penalties. If someone is convicted of aggravated sexual assault, he or she can be sentenced anywhere between 5 – 99 years, or life in prison. Additionally, a person could face a minimum of 25 years in prison if the victim is younger than six years old or younger than 14 and is subjected to actual violence. A person convicted of sexual assault could face a prison sentence of 2 – 20 years. Both of these offenses carry a requirement to register as a sex offender if a person is convicted. No other area in Criminal Law creates public outrage the way sex crimes do. The mere allegation of a sexual offense is sufficient to destroy reputations, careers, families and lives. At the same time, there are very few areas of Criminal Law where we have seen such a high percentage of convictions overturned because the person was actually innocent and subsequently cleared by DNA or witness recantation.